16.07 @ KYRYLIVSKA 47B
22:00 - 06:00
Techno is rebellious music, that's why

Flower Broadcast Systems join the movement together with Selection room against police brutality and gathering at the place where it all began this year.

Allamen & Dambis – good friends, residents of Selection Room will be spinning sublime, with a bit modular techno.

АУНЦ – our favorite live performer, exceptional vibe and face melting breakbeats, definitely the one you cant miss!

Marandin and Nikita Simonchuk – newcomers with a strong taste who will open the night and give their vision of extreme edge of electronic music.

For the closing slot Mootneyand Kebab Traume will play b2b for the first time ever with atypical material for them, expect total devastation on the dancefloor.

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