Dakh Daughters intellectual freak-cabaret band is a musical- theatre project featuring 7 women, 7 actresses of Ukraine's most innovative and internationally acknowledged contemporary theatre Dakh, for over 15 years lead by stage director, idea man and visionary Vlad Troitskiy.

Dakh Daughters have become an internationally recognized phenomena, merging music and drama, languages, music styles, Ukrainian folk and lyrics by such authors as William Shakespeare, Charles Bukowski, Iosip Brodsky and Taras Shevchenko.
The band collaborated a lot with French theater directors and composers such as Lucie Berelowitsch, Sthephane Ricordel, and TERABAK de Kyiv Circus. In 2018 they've participated in music performance 'AIR' on St. Sophie square in Kyiv, conducted by Gast Waltzing (Grammy Award, 2016).